Uzmite besplatnu konzultaciju za uklanjane amalgama i prijeđite iz crnog u zdravi bijeli osmijeh 👄
Imamo sigurnu metodu za uklanjanje amalgama iz Vaših usta.
Ovi Zubi imaju "crne plombe" i možete vidjeti područja gdje je cijeli zub taman zbog bakterija koje penetriraju U zub.
Keramički ili kompozitni ispuni se lijepe na zub I prekrivaju ga. To su potpuno biokompatibilni materijali bez žive.
Imajte usta bez žive!
 Amalgamski ispuni imaju 50% Žive i zabranjeni su diljem svijeta zbog otpuštanja žive u organizam i mogućih posljedica na zdravlje
😀 Zatražite svoju besplatnu konzultaciju za uklanjanje amalgama + besplatno čišćenje kamenca 
These teeth have "silver fillings" and you can see areas where the entire tooth is darker because bacteria has penetrated INTO the tooth. 
Porcelain or composite fillings BOND to the tooth and seal it. They are mercury free and biocompatible
😀 😀 Claim your free "mercury removal consultation" + free whitening after your treatment  
Get a "Mercury Free" mouth
 Health Disclaimer- Silver Fillings Are 50% Mercury And Banned In Several Countries as they have been linked to mercury vapor release and Possibly serious health concerns
☢️ Neke od kontroverzi o opasnostima amalgama
Sadrže do 50% žive koja je toksična
Mercury vapors at certain levels can cause neurological issues, autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses and mental disorders. Note- this statement is controversial. 
They are not bonded or cemented to the tooth, hence show signs of leakage and often are a trap for bacteria.
They often expand through time and contribute to cracking teeth with long term use.
Many countries have banned the placement and use of "Sliver fillings" because of their mercury content
Removing your Silver fillings and replacing them with biocompatible white fillings is done in three steps:
Initial Consultation:
"We take x-rays and evaluate your teeth for cracks and wear which is common with silver fillings. Then we make recommendations and review the removal process with you. "
Porcelain Inserts
When you're ready we schedule you to remove all the silver from your teeth and place white biocompatible composite or porcelain inserts into your teeth.
Teeth Whitening
"You'll come back in for your in-office teeth whitening treatment to whiten all your teeth and finish up with a beautiful smile."

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